About Us

Goodrich Sound LLC

After 50 years Ollie and Curt have decided to retire from Goodrich and Kevin Ryan and Jim Palenscar have purchased the company and have relocated it to Oceanside, CA.  

The Goodrich name has long been associated with quality American hand made products and we intend to keep it that way. We are aware of the recent problems with potentiometers and that is our 1st order of business and for the past few months have been researching suitable replacements for the PEC pots and have finally received our new Custom Engineered Goodrich 470K long life Pots. 

Here's Jim Palenscar in the picture, top right, working with our engineer designing the new pedal which we hope will be coming out beginning of the year.

Our mission statement is   "Complete Customer Satisfaction"  You have a problem with a product, you send it back and we take care of it. 

Here's a picture of Kevin working on a couple of pedals that Buddy Emmons sent us before he passed away. That really took us by surprise.

Here is a picture we took as we picked up the company in Georgia. Ollie and Curt yupping it up. They of course have been extremely gracious and helpful with this transition. In the future months to come, we hope to be doing some history and background info on the company featuring the Goodrich's. All the best in retirement!!

The fabulous Tom Bradshaw visited us here at Goodrich today. Great seeing Tom again. It had been many years for both Jim and I. He had some wonderful stories about Goodrich and the early years of the instrument. It was a real nice hang. That's Jim, Tom and myself over at Jim's shop, The Steel Guitars of North County, where the phones NEVER stop ringing. Tom's always got some interesting ideas about stuff that's for sure..... Thanks Tom!


Here Is the Fabulous Goodrich Family at one of the shows.. I believe we have Ollie Goodrich on the left. I think that is Jeri Goodrich and then Phil Goodrich, the real mastermind of this whole thing... Very brilliant as I have to come to find out..