Goodrich 470k Potentiometer
All new and custom engineered
The passive electronics at the heart of our pedals is the custom engineered Goodrich 470k potentiometer. We spent timeless hours testing and defining the absolute best audio taper for this pot and designed it to be trouble free for many years of use. We engineered the taper to be an audio or logarithmic feel...years ago that desired feel or taper was described as a “J” taper because when the resistance taper when plotted out, it looked like a capital “J”. In sound terms, there is not much volume increase until about 30 percent of motion...then the remaining volume comes on rather quickly.

This is the new standard. Guaranteed for one year from the time of purchase... because we know you will love them! Available with no wires or pigtailed.

Goodrich Pots : Bare (not wired)

Goodrich Pots : Pigtailed (pre-wired)
Pre-wired pots cost a little more, but will save you time assembling.


Model 7A Super Sustain Match Box
A line buffer/driver that offers an adjustable gain of 0 dB to 15.5 dB with ultra low distortion (.03% THD) and signal to noise characteristics. The 7A's easily accessible full range tone control allows you do dial in just the right EQ, and clips to the leg of your steel guitar for convenience access and tone tweaking during performance.

Battery life is rated up to one year based on five hours per day use, six days per week when using the convenient battery switch which disconnects the battery without disconnecting your instrument cables. The 7A Has become a staple among steel guitar players worldwide!


Steel Driver 3 
Is the same as the Model 7A "Match Box", while this unit adds an additional "fuzz" mode which provides a distortion circuit that can be adjusted from mild distortion to full-on fuzz by adjusting the depth knob. The output level and tone control of each mode can be adjusted independently. Battery life (2x 9V) of ~1 year. 

Dunlop 470K HotPotz 
A frequently used, reliable replacement pot.