The Players

"Finally a volume pedal that works great for all situations—great for guitar and pedal steel. I love the active/passive option and, as opposed to most volume pedals, it gets louder in the right place in the throw—the volume just blooms perfectly!" — Greg Leisz

Professional players love their Goodrich pedals. We are always grateful to have such exceptional and outstanding musicians representing our brand. 

Pete Anderson 
has had a longtime relationship with our pedals and electronics. He is currently using our L-10k active pedal and loves it!


"Dude, this thing is awesome. I've never used anything this smooth!" 
—Jim Soldi says of his L-10K pedal

Jim has played with is a who’s who of country music over the years, including Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Paycheck. He was a CCMA Musician of the Year and has played all over the globe.

Bob Ryan 
is a fantastic guitarist that turns a lot of heads in Southern California including archives of lesson videos and concert footage online as well as live. Bob plays all styles from gypsy jazz and standards to hard driving country shuffles. He is a real talent. He says he can't do a gig without his Goodrich pedal...the H-120.