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The Goodrich H-120 Standard
The Goodrich 120 Volume pedal has been the industry standard in passive volume pedals for many years. The 120, offers the same exact circuitry as the L120 only in a slightly higher profile (about 3/4" taller that the L120). At home for use with 6-string Guitar, Steel Guitar or Keyboard applications, the 120 is equipped with the new Ultra Life one million cycle potentiometer that will offer trouble free, quiet service for many hours of use. 

The Goodrich L-120 
is the "Low Profile" version as described above. Wether sitting behind a steel guitar or standing over a pedal board, for additional balance and comfort, the "Low Profile" is available. If you are long-legged person, or prefer having both legs at about the same height when you play, the "lowboy" Goodrich pedal is probably your answer. Three quarters of an inch has been shaved off its height, and the pedal weighs a little less than the Model H-120. Otherwise, the two pedals are identical. Many players appreciate this added comfort. It is a bit more expensive due to the additional machining required to reduce its height.

 The Goodrich H-10K and L-10K

Goodrich has developed a circuit using a 10k pot in place of the 500k pot. This will result in a longer pot life and the 10K pot is much less subject to noise. This pedal uses active impedance-matching "no-loss" circuitry. Electronic and other extraneous circuit noises are present throughout your equipment. The circuitry in this pedal removes the "hiss" and "muddiness" from your guitar's sound. What? You don't have a noise problem? No, not until you use this pedal and hear the difference. You will then discover the "mud" in your sound that was there all along. You had grown accustomed to it. Your friends have told you about their Goodrich "no-loss" pedals, but you thought it was hype. It wasn't! You just didn't realize that you need circuit-matching between your guitar and your amp. Just try one; that's all you'll need to do.

Like all Goodrich pedals, two outputs are provided. If you desire, you can send one signal through your effects loop and/or go directly into a recording board. All this added amplification can allow you to drive two amps with no loss in the signal to both. If you need to use a longer output cable, you will not experience any noticeable loss of volume.

A 9-volt battery powers this pedal, and it lasts 1,000 hours. If you want to really increase battery life, simply pull out the line-out cord when you finish playing. The pedal's dimensions are identical to the Model L-120.

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